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Räder — Porte-bonheur en porcelaine

6,50 €Prix

Porte-bonheur en porcelaine

Petit porte-bonheur à offrir, avec pochette et petit mot doux.


Textes pour chaque modèle :

Coeur "love to go" : Always carry this heart. it reminds you that someone really loves you.

Trèfle "luck to go" : Always carry this clover with you because it brings you luck.

Couronne "crown to go" : Always carry this crown. It reminds you that you should always keep your chin up.

Soleil "you are my sunshine": Always carry the sun with you. It will make the sun shine for you even on grey days.

Os à souhait "make a wish" : Always carry this bone, close your eyes and make a wish.

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